Taiwan is a country like few others, with serene wilderness and mesmerizing cities. A visit to this country is a given in any travel enthusiast list. However, living in Taiwan is a must if you hope to understand the small intricacies that make it so wonderful. But be warned, many who come over to Taiwan for a short stay, find it difficult to leave and are left with no other choice but to extend their stay. For foreigners who are planning a long stay, there is no better city in Taiwan than its capital Taipei. It encapsulates the nation’s proud culture and history. While also being friendly for foreigners who may be unaware of the local etiquettes or who are inexperienced in Mandarin. So, if you are planing a trip here, here is all you need to know about accommodation in Taipei.

What is it like living in Taipei?

The best part of living in Taipei, is unarguably the opportunity to live amongst its people. The Taiwanese locals just might be the kindest individuals, anyone who has visted Taiwan can testify to this. Within the boudaries of this city, exchanging pleasant greetings and holding friendly conversation is impossible to avoid.

However, it’s not only the people that make the experience of living in this city a memorable one, its also the city itself. Like many western cities, Taipei is very clean, it has well organized roads and an Underground Metro system which may just be better than the ones in most western cities. However, in some aspects Taipei is just different. From garbage trucks, that roam the city playing classical music, to 7-11 being a viable option for food. While having the foundation of a traditional great city. It’s these little quirks that make it hold a special place in the hearts of those who live in it.

Types of Accommodation in Taipei

When planing to stay in Taipei for an extended period of time, opting for an hotel can be expensive. Hence it is often more viable to rent studio apartments, however even studios can demand a hot price. The most budget friendly alternative is to look for shared apartments or a room for rent. Despite the afore mentioned options have clear downside to living in a hotel room. Nevertheless they are the more practical option and quite often in Taipei, accommodations as such can exceed your expectation.

Studio apartment will undoutably provides you with greater privacy. You are often free to do as you please and amenities such as the toilet will always free for use. This is definitely more beneficial for your own peace of mind. Because when nature is calling, and you find your toilet occupied by your housemate, it never ends up being a fun experience. However, living in a shared apartment is always going to be the cheaper alternative. And just sometimes your roommates may just improve the experience.

What are the best places to live in Taipei?

Before you start renting an apartment in Taipei, it is critical that you choose a district that best suits your needs. Each district has its own perks, although they are often accompanied with a correlating downside.

District like Shida and Da’an, are renowned for their bustling night markets, they can provide you cheap and delicious food. However, if you live too close to them, the noise of the crowd would be near impossible to avoid. The district of Tamsui is praised for it historic worth and serene seaside sunsets but it is also impractically far from the city center even with the excellent MRT system. Living in Xinyi District will have you surrounded by luxuries such as designer shops and high-end restaurants and bars. But living here will also result in a sizeable dent in your bank account.

Hence the best place to live in Taipei is dependent on each individuals’ needs, you must decide what you are expecting from your district and then choose accordingly.

How to find the right Accommodation in Taipei?

Having a better understanding of what to expect from accommodation in Taipei, now it is just about finding the right one for you. All of Taipei is has wonderful people and unique quirks. However, some districts will be better suited for you and it is important to factor this into your decision. Other than the area, the type of accommodation that best matches your budget and desired experience should also be decided upon. To make this process easier for you, My Room Abroad can curate to your preference and narrow down the result so you can find the accommodation that suits you the best.


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