Living in Taipei can be fantastic experience, as it is a vibrant and empowering city. This could be attributed to the city’s high level of safety, efficient metro system and the low cost of living. Accommodation in Taipei is reasonably cheap and also resonable large. While the locals are ridiculously nice and accepting anyone and everyone. There are a few things that are wrong with this city and too may that are right. Because of which, individuals who come over for a short stay, often end up making this city their home for much longer peroid of time.

Where to Live?

It is important to determine which will be the best place to stay in Taipei. However this is dependent of each individuals’ preference. Taipei is a dynamic city with each district within it having its own character and unique feel.

Shida and Da’an Districts are known for their bustling night markets. Hosting some of Taiwan’s most iconic and enjoyable food. While the Ximending area is reminiscent to Harajuku area in Tokyo. It has a bubbly atmosphere, with a youthfully presence. While roaming its streets you are bound to find a street performer that will leave you lost for words. If you are used to the finer things in life, the Xinyi district is sure to meet your expectations. Littered with designer outlets, high end restaurants and trendy clubs, all complimented by the majestic view of the Taipei 101 towering in the center, this is the heart of mordern Taipei. Regardless of where you decide to stay, any of the other districts will be easily accessible through the excellent MRT system acting as the blood vessels of the city.

How to Rent?

When coming abroad to live in Taipei, an important factor to get right is the accommodation. Thankfully, Apartment Rental in Taipei is simplified because of the wide variety of options available. From renting private studios to rooms in a shared apartment, the city itself has a diverse range of options to match your needs. My Room Abroad adds convenience to this process, as it can curate the results to your needs. Considering factors such as: the duration of your stay, your location preference, your desired accommodation type and price, it will suggest the most suitable accommodation for you.

Thing to do

There is an endless list of activities to do in the city of Taiwan. However, the first thing that has to be done when you arrive in Taipei, is visit a night market. There you have eat your way through and only stop when you phycically can’t eat any more. That’s when you return home and the next day continue on the glorious journey of tasting some of the greatest and other not so great (Stinky Tofu…) Taiwanese cuisine. Once you have somehow satisfied your insatiable craving for the local cuisine, you can head out during nighttime in an attempt to tame the infamous party animal hidden within the city. Taipei is famous for being party destination in the east, with raving clubs to incredible street concert. If partying is your niche, you can find something to enjoy throughout the week.

When you are in content with the pounds you have gained and the number of hangovers you have suffered. You can choose to isolate yourself from the city and lose yourself in the truly mesmerizing wilderness that surround the entire city of Taipei. You can choose to relax in one of the numerous hot springs in the vicinity of the city or opt to explore the incredible hiking trails. Regardless, you will be breathless by what lies in front of your eyes. If you are looking for easy to follow to do list, phenomenal global provides a good option.

Living in Taipei is an unmissable experience, as there truly is no other city like it. Because of heavy influence from China and Japan, it develop it own unique culture which is easily enjoy by anyone. With the incredibly polite people and the low cost of living, it is easy for anyone to survive in Taipei. Even with little to no fluency in Mandarin or knowledge of the culture. If you are looking for a truly unforgettable experience abroad in an eastern country, the little reason to not choose Taipei. For more information of Accommodation in Taipei.

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