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Trying to find an apartment for rental in Taipei can seem impossible. At least before you know where and how to look. Before you start looking there are a few things you need to prepare for; accommodation in Taipei will be significantly more expensive than anywhere else in Taiwan, landlords in Taipei are unlikely to speak English and area and type of accommodation which best meet your needs. Accommodation in Taipei can be expensive according to Taiwanese standards. However, it is still reasonably cheaper than major western cities and other Asian metropoles such as Singapore and Hong Kong. So, here is what to look and how to find the ideal apartment for you in Taipei.

Types of Accommodation

The type of accommodation you decide to opt for will most likely be dependent on your budget. If you go seeking for private accommodation or rent a studio in Taipei, it will undoubtably provide greater privacy. However, it will also be accompanied with a larger price tag.

In contrast shared apartments or only rooms for rent (browse over 3000 rooms for rent in Taipei on My Room Abroad) will almost always be the cheapest option. However, this is at the expense of privacy and on occasion even hygiene. There will always be risk of living in a shared house and more often than not, the roots of this risk will be your roommates. You might be one of the lucky few who are blessed with an ideal roomie. Although, some will be faced with the harsh reality of having roommates with differing point of views than your own. Saying this, the cases of having a completely intolerable roommate are very few. Instead, most of the time your roommates end up being your family abroad and give your apartment a homey feel.

Regardless this will result with you having to make a tough decision. Whether to opt for 1-person apartment rental for a greater price or go with the cheaper option of living in a shared apartment.

Where to live in Taipei?

The next most important factor to consider when looking for an accommodation, is the location or the area you elect to live in. The best place to stay in Taipei is very much dependent on your own needs. If you are already aware of the area in which you are planning to study or work in, it makes sense to rent an apartment near your school or workplace. However, Taipei rent price can vary drastically depending on the area you opt to stay in. Hence, choosing to stay close to your work or school isn’t always the most viable option.

In this case, finding an apartment near an MRT station or night market might be the next smartest thing to do. The MRT is really efficient in Taipei and can take you to any part of the city with little to no trouble. As for the night markets they can provide you with some of the best food in Taiwan. At a fraction of the cost of a standard restaurant! The area you choose to live in will play a large role in the experience and your cost of living. Hence, it is always important to do sufficient research before choosing an area.

For the international students, My Room Abroad has also created lists of apartments rented by previous students from your university. This can give you some good inspiration on where to live.

How to Rent Apartment in Taipei?

ow that you know what you are looking for, all that left for you now is to figure out the not so simple process of how to rent an apartment. However, don’t you worry we got a something for you that may as well make this the easiest step thus far. The key is My Room Abroad, it can helps tenants make the process of renting an apartment more convenient for themselves. The benefits of booking through us are:

  • The elimination of language barrier as they facilitate the communication with the landlord during your stay.
  • Facilitating the booking process by having a safe online payment system, making upfront payments possible even before you arrive in Taiwan.
  • Thrustable accommodation as majority of them are verified by us.

Furthermore, we can also make the searching process simpler, by allowing you to search accommodation by type and district. If you are looking to rent in Taipei, save yourself a whole lot of hassle and time simply by using My Room Abroad.

As discussed above, when looking for an apartment to rent in Taipei, two important factors to consider is the type of apartment and the location of the apartment. Satisfying these two criteria will most likely land you in a comfortable living space. Using My Room Abroad, you can make this process simple and efficient by eliminating all the troubles you will normally encounter when renting abroad. If you have any further question you can contract us through our Facebook page.


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