When searching for accommodation in Taipei, there is a good chance that you would’ve stumbled upon shared apartments. For most of Taiwan, the accommodation cost is reasonably low. However, in major cities like Taipei, the accommodation price does spike up considerably. This is when the option of living in a shared accommodation becomes viable. However, there are far more factors that you should consider, than just your budget before deciding to live in a shared apartment. If you are contemplating this option, here are a few guidelines to help you make your decision.

Ups and Downs of living in a Shared Apartment

While the first obvious benefit is the low living expense, naturally the other is the roommates. Depending on the atmosphere you are seeking when coming to live in Taipei, they could make or break the experience. Thankfully however, in most people’s opinion it ends up being a positive one. More often than not, your roommates end up being your family away from home. They are often in a similar situation to you and can relate to your struggles, helping you build strong friendships. Having roommates will also mean that you will be able to share utilities such as shampoo, detergent, toilet paper etc. Helping you bring down your cost of living considerably. Roommates will also make travelling around Taiwan and organizing activities much easier. Especially if they are a local or have been living in Taipei for a while.

In contrast, the list of downsides for living in a Shared Apartment is much shorter. The main downside most will mention, is simply the step down in privacy when compared to personal accommodations. However, this is natural when you plan to live in a shared apartment with several others. All be it; you still receive your own private room where you can be completely isolated. You might also think that living in a shared accommodation and having to share facilities like the bathroom or toilet might be a nuisance. More often than not, this isn’t the case. Many find that everyone develops a routine around everyone else’s routine and by the end of it you learn to live like a large family. The alternative to a shared apartment in Taipei, are either renting a studio apartment or a private apartment. However, each respective choice is more expensive than the prior.

How to Rent in Taipei?

There is definite upside to shared apartments in Taipei, just as there are downsides. It can often be a difficult to decide between living in a shared apartment or the alternate options. However, even after you have reached a conclusion, the renting process can still be a hassle to deal with. Despite the high standard of safety in Taipei, it is still notorious from scam and false advertisement targeted towards foreigners. Senarios such as this one, can just occur a few too many time! Many also have bad experiences when it comes to dealing with their landlord, especially when there is a language barrier present.

A solution to these problems is to use a reliable booking service such as My Room Abroad. They specialize in helping internationals book their room abroad. This means they provide services such as; communication with the landlord to eliminate any language barrier, verified properties to ensure you that you get what you see and online and a upfront payment system allowing you to book room prior to even arriving in the country. They also have easy to use search engine for properties across Taipei. Which can allow you to choose the type of accommodation you are seeking and the area you prefer. My Room Abroad can make your rental experience much more convenient by eliminating the risks of booking internationally.

Shared apartments in Taipei is great way to experience this magnificent city while staying within your budget. There will be some downsides as well as upsides when decide to live in shared apartment. However, it is a great way to make lifelong friends and to have a family abroad to make yourself less lonely on those days where you miss your home. Regardless, this decision is dependent on the individual. There are always alternatives such as renting a studio apartment. This can be slightly more expensive but can also fulfill certain need better. No matter of what you opt for, there are plenty of option available across Taipei. By using My Room Abroad you can browse over 2000 accommodation citywide.

For students: To help you further with your apartment hunting, we have created lists of apartments rented by previous students in Taiwan.


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    I am a non-smoking, middle-aged, English teacher from California. I am looking for a shared apartment rental or taofang in Taipei. If anyone knows of places available in the near future I would appreciate hearing about them. Fairly close to MRT desired.

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