Studying abroad is an exciting topic, whether it be for an exchange semester or for your entire degree. The only aspect that might be overwhelming, is the sheer number of countries that you could elect to be your next home. However, if you are looking for a country which is affordable, easy to live in and leave you in awe of its beauty, then Taiwan could be the one. Choosing to study abroad here will provide you with a strong higher education degree and memories that will be hard to forget. Living in Taiwan will also make every day feel like an adventure. Whether you decide to roam the serene mountainsides or navigate the chaotic cities, each day will be an unique experience.

Universities in Taiwan

Taiwan is crowded with reputable universities, most of which are concentrated around the city of Taipei. National Taiwan University is often crowned as the most prestigious institution in the country. It is listed in the Top 100 universities in the world by Top Universities Ranking. Coming to study in Taiwan is sure to provide you with a strong education and reflect positively on your resume. Other than pure merits it will also help you better understand the intricacies of East Asian culture.

There are plenty of scholarships available for international students who are looking to complete their entire degrees abroad. These opportunities often tend to fully cover your expense of studying and also provide you with allowance for daily spending. If your lack of skill in mandarin has you worried about the language barrier, there are plently of courses which are available in English. Its also safe to assume that overtime you will be picking up Mandarin. For more information on courses and scholarship visit each university’s respectable websites.

What is ARC?

Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) allows foreigners who plan to study in Taiwan to stay for up to three year. This will be extremely handy if you are planning to complete the entire duration of your degree in Taiwan. However, ensure that you complete this within 15 days of you landing in Taiwan. If your ARC is going to expire, you will need to renew it at least 30 days before it expires. The ARC will cost you $1000 NTD per year (with a maximum $3000 NTD for 3 years). However, be aware that this document doesn’t provide working right or any other benefits. For more information the ARC and required document  for the application process can be found here.

Living in Taiwan

Naturally when coming over to study in Taiwan. You might be curious about what it is like to live in this country. You will be glad to know that living here, just might be the best part about you studying abroad. The Taiwanese locals are amazing, every individual is charming and ridiculously friendly. It is impossible to not make friends here, despite you being miles away from you home, they will never let you feel isolated or alone. Low cost of living in another thing great thing about Taiwan. For most foreigner the food is cheap enough that they elect to eat out than cook themselves. As for the cost associated with accommodation, in Taipei it tends to be comparable to cities like Berlin. However, it gets considerably cheaper the further away you go from the city center.

One thing that might cause a few arguments amongst friends is how they feel about Taiwan’s climate. To give you an idea its always quite warm, in winter the lows will average to be 15 degree Celsius. While in summer you can expect the highs to reach 35 degree Celsius. While some might see this and think that the weather sounds beautiful. However the summer can be extremely humid and stormy, while the winter can too cold for those accommodated to warmer weather. Hence why each individual reserves their own opinion. It’s impossible to find an individual who has lived in Taiwan and didn’t love it. Given time you will also grow to love the magnificent and at times quirky country.

Accommodation Options

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The most important thing that you will require from your accommodation while carrying out your study in Taiwan is convenience. It is important that where you live is close to University you are planning to study at. Other aspect that might be important to you is the cleanness and privacy of the place . This may deter some students away from dormitories, as they are notorious for being dirty and providing little privacy. This will leave options such as renting a room in a shared apartment or renting a studio apartment. While these options will be more expensive, they will provide a greater sense of privacy and also be more hygienic . An easy way to browse accommodations in Taiwan is using My Room Abroad. We can conveniently curate the search results to you preference, while also reducing the risk of booking internationally.

Things to do

As a student there are plenty of activities in Taiwan to keep you occupied. It doesn’t matter if you want to be isolated in nature or if be crowded by hundred in a mosh. Taiwan can accommodate to your needs. If you are nature explorer at heart, Taiwan is overpopulated with mountains (even snow-capped Mountains during winter) and stunning waterfalls. Being an island there are also several locations with great surf if you are more of a beachgoer. Night life in major cities such as Taipei, is another thing thats great about this city. It’s an absolute must to experience the incredible night life at least once. From all you can drink clubs to high-end rooftop bars on a 50-level building. Taiwan can definitely take things a step beyond extreme. You never be left disappointed by the thing you can do in Taiwan, reguardless of what you niche is.

Life can be great while carrying out your study in Taiwan. You will always find thing to keep you occupied. The fact that you are receiving a great education while you get to explore this magnificent country is just a bonus. Whether you are planning to do an exchange semester or your entire degree abroad, you will undoubtably make lifelong memories and meet people that will be a part of your life for a long time to come. This is all possible without breaking the bank, thanks to the low cost of living in Taipei. If you enjoyed reading this and want to read more about Taiwan, explore the articles available on My Room Abroad Blog or feel free to contact us through Facebook.

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