Living in Taipei can be an exciting life! With the fast paced lifestyle of a large Asian Metropole and a cost of living much lower than the likes of Singapore, Hong Kong or most major western cities, Taipei is a perfect recipe for an exhilarating time. Finding a single room for rent in Taipei will be the most affordable method of spending your days here. However doing so will also bring about a plethora of issues that you rather avoid. When it comes to accommodation in Taipei, there are a lot of issues that foreigners are bound to encounter. So, here is how to come prepared for them and find a room which you can happily call your home.

Perks of Renting a Room in Taipei

Straight out the boat lets establish one thing, Taipei is a dynamic and a mesmerizing city. The hustle of the daily life and the sereneness of the green mountains surrounding the city, is a contrasting charm unique to itself. Living in Taipei, means you can catch yourself running with the upbeat pulse of the city during the week and then be regularly bewildered by mother nature during the weekends. To enable yourself to do this, finding a room for rent in Taipei is the most logical way. By doing so, you provide yourself with a low expense living space with a convenient access to the entire country.

Your alternative option for accommodation in Taipei, are to rent a one-person apartment or to rent a studio. However, while providing greater privacy, these options also tend to be more expensive. By choosing to live in one-person apartment, you also miss out on the benefits accompanied with renting a room. Often your roommates tend to become your family aboard and can also act as your guide to Taipei at first. However, each is to their own and some may just prefer to live alone, leaving this decision up to you. Regardless, renting a room is a great option for many who are seeking accommodation in Taipei, especially if you are trying to save a buck.

Difficulties Some Might Face

Renting a room abroad in an East Asian city may sometimes be as difficult as it sounds. It is easy to encounter issues like language barrier or lower standards of cleanness. In fact, when living in Taipei, its often difficult for foreigners to find an accommodation in which they are happy to spend several months at end. As safe as Taipei is, as a foreigner you will still be a prime target for scams. Hence, it is important to know who can be trusted and who cannot, however this might be easier said than done.

Another issue that some may encounter, is when they are place with roommates who are a complete nuisance. Normally this issue can be easily solved by communicating with your landlord, altought this becomes difficult when there is a language barrier. When coming to live abroad don’t always expect the same lifestyle or ease of living as your hometown, as you will encounter struggles here that you might not back home.

What is the best way to avoid hassles?

To avoid any unnecessary hassles or to avoid any wasted time, find a trustworthy service to search accommodation in Taipei. One such option is My Room Abroad, it helps tenants make the process of renting an apartment more convenient for them, while also make them a part of the ever-growing community of foreigner living abroad. Some of the benefits of booking through My Room Abroad are:

  • The elimination of language barrier as they can communication with the landlord on your behalf during your stay.
  • Facilitating the booking process by having a safe online payment system, making upfront payments before you even arrive in Taiwan.
  • Landlords are verified by My Room Abroad to ensure they cannot scam the tenant.
  • Organized activities by My Room Abroad providing an opportunity for the new

Furthermore, you can also make the searching process simpler, by curating the search result by the accommodation type and district. If you are looking for accommodation, save yourself an abundant amount of trouble and time simply by using My Room Abroad.

Finding a room for rent in Taipei is undoubtably a viable alternative to renting a studio or an apartment, it will often be cheaper while also providing you with the benefits of living in a shared apartment. It can also give you an excellent opportunity to go travelling in Taipei and live the fast-paced lifestyle of Taiwan. While normally filled with hassle, the process of renting in Taipei is made significantly simpler by using My Room Abroad. So, start the search for your next home abroad today.


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