When trying to find accommodation in Taipei, a common question arises of “what whould be the best place to stay in for me?”. The answer to this varies with each individual, as most of Taipei is safe for foreigners. It depends on factors such as your budget, lifestyle and purpose in Taipei. Thankfully, Taipei has a diverse selection of areas, which can cater to wide variety of individuals. Hence, here is a guide which can help you decide what will be the best district for you to stay in Taipei. 

Which District are Good for Foreigners?

As a foreigner planning to live in Taipei, the areas that will be recommended the most to you, are likely to be either Zhongzheng District or Da’an District. In all honesty this makes perfect sense. Both these areas are extremely popular with other foreigners, as they are the most accommodating for them.

Zhongzheng District

The Zhongzheng District mainly lies on the Green MRT Line and is popular with students, due to the high concentration of Universities nearby. Hence, if you are a student coming for exchange, this area should be your first preference. Even if you are not a student, this area will be great for you. As it is a great place to meet new friends or young professionals to grow your network. This can be attributed to the large number of bars in the surrounding area. Conveniently, this area also has two night markets within its vicinity. However, the most attractive quality about this area is the relatively low cost for accommodation. Being a student area, rooms for rent in a shared apartment are readily available. All things considered, Zhongzheng District is a dynamic area which always provides you with a variety of activities to get up to every night.

Da’an District

Comparatively, Da’an District is a slightly more expensive area than Zhongzheng District. However, as its neighbors with Zhongzheng, it also enjoys similar benefits as them. In fact, in some aspects it can considered to be better than Zhongzhen. Da’an enjoys the luxury of having a greater number of bars and restaurants, while also having a more reputable range of global brands. While being another great option for student, it is the most popular district amongst expats. This can be attributed which provide them with activities to get up to through the week. Being in between the Zhongzheng (the student area) and Xinyi (the trendy nightlife area), its an area that compromises everything between these two districts. Hence, while the nightlife is better, the cost of accommodation is also high. Regardless, Da’an is a really nice neighborhood to live in as an exchange student or a young international worker.

While there being plenty of other districts which are fine to live in, these two areas tend to be the best if you are a foreigner to Taiwan. Given the efficient MRT system within the city, it also makes getting around quite easy. So regardless of where you might need to travel in Taipei it shouldn’t be much trouble. However, this doesn’t mean that it will always be time efficient. So, when it comes to your daily commute being extensively long. It is probably best to search for a location which will make this more manageable. It is important to keep in mind that they best place to stay in Taipei varies with each individual. To can find a interactive housing map detailing the benefits of each area, look here.

We have also created lists of popular rooms and apartments for rent in Da’an and Zhongzheng districts. All the listings are available on My Room Abroad.

How to Find Accommodation in Taipei?

Even if you have decide on what the best place to stay in Taipei is, it still can be a hassle when it comes to finding and renting apartments there. Depending on your budget and the importance you put on privacy, you will need to decide whether you will prefer to live in a shared apartment or rent a studio apartment. However, this may not be as easy as it sounds. As Taipei is infamous for scams and false advertisement, especially against foreigners. Since there being a good chance that you run into a landlord who only speaks mandarin, troubles should be expected.

To eliminate these struggles you can use My Room Abroad. This is a platform which can help you find and book rental accommodation. It can communicate with the landlord on your behalf and suggest verified accommodation which eliminates the chances of a scams. They also have a function which allows you to search accommodation according to the district or type of apartment. Through My Room Abroad you can also make online payments, allowing you to book before you even arrive in Taiwan.

To summarize, the best district to stay in Taipei varies with each individual’s needs and preference. However Da’an and Zhongzheng District are well suited for most foreigner coming to live in Taipei. Even after deciding on the best place to stay in Taipei for you, it still can be troublesome to find and book an apartment there. Though, by using My Room Abroad, you can make the process much more convenient for yourself. Hopefully by now you have a better how to find accommodation in Taipei and if you require anymore information, you can find some more articles on My Room Abroad Blogs.


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