Where it all began…

The story of My Room Abroad (MRA) starts back in spring 2015, when Sebastien was exchange student in Taipei. When he received the exciting news that he was going to Taiwan, the stressful process of finding a room started. He wanted to have his room before arriving in Taiwan, which lead him to Chinese websites and Facebook groups without good overview of the rooms, no safe payment method and no way to check the identity of the landlord. It’s a shame to start such an amazing adventure with this stressful process! It just stresses you and your parents in the months before your departure and reaches its apotheosis on the due date. Trust them, they had the experience!

In the following years, Sebastien helped fellow students to find their room in Taipei. His experience in Taiwan had been such a life-changing adventure that he wanted everyone to be able to live this dream – without the hassle and the stress that goes with the housing process.  

Almost two years and many rooms later, Sebastien decided that it was time to bring it to the next level. His experience made him realize that he could help more students, universities and even good landlords by creating a trustworthy platform to connect them all together. After a first successful trial with 150 rooms and partnerships with his previous universities in Taipei and in Europe, My Room Abroad was born.

During the next semester, MRA has increased at a mind blowing speed, helping ever more students and universities. The platform rose to over 450 rooms, 9 partnerships with the largest Universities and Language Schools in Taipei and a network of 12 European partner universities.

My Room Abroad today

Nowadays, MRA is more than housing, it is a family abroad. My Room Abroad naturally attracts all the internationals who want to live more than an exchange. They live a life-changing adventure in the most beautiful dream destinations. The MRA secret sauce is that it helps you to create your personal mix of adventure, partying, travelling and networking. Through our communities, the right facebook groups and events you meet like-minded people, who will ultimately become like your “bros” and “sistas” abroad on this life-changing adventure.  

At MRA we strongly believe that nothing is more life changing than an experience abroad and we’re here to help you to get the most out of it!

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