Find the perfect room.

My room abroad simplifies the process of searching the perfect room for your exchange with its easy to use website.  All rooms are described in a structured way. It makes it easy to compare them based on location, price, features, etc.

There are mandatory pictures (a video of each room) that represent reality.

All rooms are visited by a MRA representative who certifies that the description and pictures are accurate. Furthermore, landlords are screened, and their rooms will only be listed on My Room Abroad once they are marked as trustworthy landlords. They are required to have basic knowledge of English to be able to communicate with you if needed during your stay.

Request the room

Once you found the ideal room for your stay abroad, you can request it. An MRA booking expert will then take care of your request and answer any of your question via mail.

On the other hand, he will get the landlord confirmation within 24 hours and then send you the lease contract to sign.

Sign the contract

Once you have all the information needed and you agreed with the contract terms, you send the contract back to us signed

The contract, always in English, is signed between the landlord and you. At this point we will also ask a copy of your passport for the contract purposes.

Moreover, we will forward your information to the landlords. The arrival details are to be discussed between your landlord and you. This part varies from a landlord to another.

Pay the deposit

You can then proceed to the deposit, first month rent and service fee payment through the platform. You or your parents can securely make the payment online to My Room Abroad, an European company, through certified tools in your own currency.

My Room Abroad will then transfer the deposit and rent to the Landlord in his currency.

Enjoy your stay

Everything is in order for us. You have successfully booked your room abroad.

You are now part of the MRA community. Feel free to join our Facebook group where events from cool parties to outdoor activities or camping trips in the mountains, are organized for you. You can meet like-minded people, who will ultimately become a family abroad on this life-changing adventure.

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At the end of the contract, the deposit is paid back to the student by the landlord.

What if the contract term is longer than my stay abroad?

Some students only stay for a semester while most lease contract have a one-year length. My room Abroad helps students who have to break their contract, find the next tenant by posting their room back online.

However, if the student does not want to take the risk of having the pay the rent after his departure, My Room Abroad can provide an insurance to him. In exchange for the payment of one-month rent, My Room Abroad takes over the lease contract and promise to pay the remaining rent if no new tenant is found.




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