Taipei is a city that never sleeps! Every day you can find something to do at night! This Taipei Nightlife Guide lays out the perfect week of party! From Monday to Sunday, we will let you know our pick of the best deals you can find for parties in Taipei.

As a little side note, we have created a guest-list app to get you on the guest list in night clubs almost every night of the week! We are sending the guest lists to all the clubs weekly, trying to get you on their guest lists! Usually, that means special prices, free drinks, etc.

These are the current party deals that we collected for you:

  • OMNI: Free entry on Wednesday (instead of NT$800)
  • TRIANGLE: Free entry every day (Wednesday to Saturday) instead of NT$200-300
  • CHESS: Free entry on weekends
  • MTaipei: Friday and Saturday: Girls NT$500 Boys NT$600 with open bar (instead of NT$700-800)

Closing the side note here, and without further ado, let’s introduce the Taipei Nightlife Guide! This is the list of the best nightclubs in Taipei, sorted by each day of the week:


PONG Taipei

What? Loung bar / night club with digital beer pong table and an nice balcony.

How Much? Free entrance 

Facebook: Pong Taipei


What? Fancy Rooftop bar next to Taipei 101.

How Much? Usually NT$ 600 with two drinks. 

Facebook: Franck Taipei


1001 night Taipei

What? 1001 night is a bar, shisha bar, a restaurant and night club. 

Music? Hip Hop, Latin, Rap, Reggae, RnB, Salsa.

How Much? Entrance fee is usually NT$ 500 including 3 drinks (but it depends on special event)
Facebook: 1001 Night Taipei



What? Club, bar with Students and ladies night on wednesday

Music? Alternative Rock, Drum & Bass, Hardstyle, Hip Hop, House

How Much? On wednesday, students and ladies enter for free. Once inside, some drinks are free for women until midnight. 

Facebook: Triangle


What? Omni is one of the fancier nightclubs! Bouncers will pay good attention to your dress code at the entrance! So do not come there in shorts or flip flops or you will not be able to enter!

Music? EDM

How much? Ladies Night on Wednesday

  • Ladies: no entrance fee with free drinks until midnight 
  • Men: NT$ 600.

Note for the guys, you can easily contact PRs of the club and ask to be on their list to get discount or even get in for free.

Website: Omni


What ? Smaller night club with mainly young Taiwanese crowd.

Music? RnB, Hip Hop

How Much? 

  • Ladies: enter for free all night long (Drinks not included), 
  • Men: before midnight NT$200, NT$400 after midnight

Facebook: Klash Taipei



What? Ai was previously called Elektro, Nice night club with large dance floor,

Music? EDM, electro

How Much? All you can drink students night on Thursdays (and Sundays) Free on Thursday and Sundays if you get in before 11pm

Website: AI Nightclub


What? Nice night Club in xinyi district, All you can drink ladies night on Thursday, concept: Keep your glass and you can refill it all night long.

Music? EDM, House, Hip hop

How Much? 

  • Ladies: free before 24:30PM (then NT$200) 
  • Men: NT$ 400 before 24:30PM (thenNT$ 700)

Facebook: Wave Taipei


On Friday you can basically go to any club and they will have great parties! Here are the deals you need to know about tho:

M Taipei

What? Small club with all you can drink formula

Music? Latino on Friday

How much? NT$300

Facebook: M Taipei


What? All you can drink formula nightclub

Music? EDM

How Much?

  • Ladies NT$ 350 before 11pm then NT$500
  • Men: NT$ 600 Before 11pm then  NT$ 700

Facebook: Box Nightclub


  • Ladies: Free before 11pm, NT$ 500 after 11pm
  • Men: NT$ 400-500 Before 11pm NT$ 800 after 11pm


  • Ladies:  free before 11pm (Drinks not included), NT$400 after 11pm
  • Men: NT$ 400 before 11pm, NT$ 700 after 11pm


Again it’s Saturday, the apotheoses of Taipei nightlife. In short any nightclub will have nice parties but they’ll be more expensive because well it’s Saturday.



Free all you can drink for students if you get in before 11pm


  • Ladies: Free before 1am (Drinks not included), NT$250 after 1am
  • Men: Free before 1am (Drinks not included), NT$ 550 after 1am

To sum it up:

Party people

MONDAY- Pong, Franck

TUESDAY- 1001 Night

WEDNESDAY- Triangle, Omni, Klash


FRIDAY- Anywhere (M Taipei, Box, Wave, Klash…)

SATURDAY- Anywhere


Hope this guide helped you understand the Taipei Nightlife better!

If you want to be on one of our guest lists to party for free from Wednesday to Saturday, check out our guest list app!

Let us know how your week went 😉

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