Tamkang University Chinese Learning Center (TKU CLC) strengthens its position as innovation leader by partnering with My Room Abroad to help their students to find accommodation in Taipei.

What makes TKU the best choice for Mandarin students in Taiwan? If their exceptional programs, which start every month, weren’t enough to convince you, they are now part of the elite schools which support their students for off-campus accommodation in Taipei. This all-in-one service makes it an unavoidable language center that every student should take into consideration. The difference between TKU and most other language centers, is that you can choose when you start your term. Rather than having 4 terms spread over spring, summer, fall and winter; TKU offers new terms which start every month.

TKU CLC is located in the beating heart of Taipei, in the dynamic Da’an area. While this makes it the perfect place to be for a language school, finding an apartment for their students might have been a challenge… until today! TKU has always actively been focusing on innovating to support its students. That’s why it has become an early adopter of My Room Abroad.

My Room Abroad is a housing platform that focuses on helping international students to book their room online. Most of their guests safely book their rooms before even landing in Taiwan. To do so, My Room Abroad collected hundreds of rooms from previous international students in the Da’an area and in downtown Taipei, under which many alumni students from TKU. The MRA team met face to face with all the landlords and filmed or took pictures of many of the properties on the website. Most of the contracts are in English and if not they provide help with the translation for TKU students. This new partnership for rental apartments for TKU students means that the students can search for accommodation which is specific to TKU. In addition, the students get a special discount from their school if they book their room on My Room Abroad. This combination is probably what makes this new partnership between TKU and My Room Abroad a true accommodation support for the students.

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