Working in Taiwan can be an exciting concept. It can provide a perfect solution for those who plan for a long-term visit but lack funds to sustain themselves. There are often a wide variety of job availabilities in Taiwan. Resulting in most individuals having a good chance at finding one that suits their needs. Nevertheless, finding jobs in Taiwan can still be challenging, especially if you are unaware of where to look. Here are some tips for finding a job in Taiwan and how to prepare for a working lifestyle here.

Finding a Job

Finding jobs in Taiwan for foreigners can be an intimidating task. However, with a low unemployment rate and presence of a large Asian Metropole such as Taipei, it doesn’t have to be. It is common knowledge that the best way to find work abroad in Taiwan is through networks. However this oppurtunity doesnt come around too frequently. So thankfully, there are alternative methods of searching and applying for hiring positions. Naturally the first thing you will have to decide upon, will be the type of position you are interested in. While most may have something in mind, some maybe uncertain and are still exploring their options.

Teaching in Taiwan is a popular option. It provides flexible hours, good payrate and is relatively easy for most to acquire. Although due to limited availability of hours, the total pays maybe slightly lower than other alternatives. A more traditional 9 to 5 job will provide you with better income. However, will also be much less flexible and require you to work longer hours. Another alternative is working as a factory worker in Taiwan. This can be well paid and provide good benefits, however the work involved can be considered intense and at times mundane. If you are seeking to travel, it will be best to avoid this option.

The best location to browse for job hiring in Taiwan are: Tealit, Forumosa, Work in Taiwan (facebook), 104, 1111 and Yes123. While there are plenty of other options, these are some of the largest networking/job seeking platforms. However, as mentioned before none of these will be as effective as having a network in Taiwan who can assist you. So, if you do have an opportunity as such, make sure to make the most out of it.

What do I need to work here?

Alien Resident Certificate shortened to ARC in Taiwan. It allows foreigners who plan to study or work in Taiwan to stay for up to three year. This will be a must for you alongside the Taiwanese working permit if you plan to work here. While your employer is responsible for acquiring a working permit on your behalf, the responsibility of procuring the ARC falls on you. The application for this is required to be completed within 15 days of you landing. If it is needed to be renewed, it needs at least 30 days prior to the expiration date. The cost associated with this is $1000 NTD per annum and you can elect to apply for up to 3 years at a time, amounting to a total cost of $3000 NTD. Acquiring these two documents will allow you to be employed in Taiwan for an extended period of time. More information on the ARC and required documents for the application process can be found on Taiwan Immigration Site.

Living in Taiwan

Receiving an opportunity to live in Taiwan is just a bonus that comes along with working here. While having a high standard of safety and low cost of living, this country also has amazing spots to explore. From hidden away corner shops in street markets to the incredible remote nature points providing you with scenes you will never forget in your lifetime. While living here you will want to go exploring during every opportunity you get.

The largest expense you will face here will be the accommodation, in major cities like Taipei, it can be comparable to accommodation in cities like Berlin. However, this is still much cheaper than other Asian Metropoles such as Hong Kong or Singapore. An efficient way to browse accommodation in Taipei is using My Room Abroad. It can help you find the cheapest properties and book them in advance. While generally finding accommodation in Taipei can be a hassle, this will make the process much more convenient and time effective.

Finding jobs in Taiwan can be a once in a lifetime opportunity, while for some it maybe a career defining moment, for others it can be a perfect excuse to explore the country. This is possible thanks to diverse variety of jobs available across Taiwan, providing everyone with something that suits them. While it may seem intimidating at first, most foreigners can quite easily land a job in Taiwan. If you found this article helpful, you can read more about life in Taiwan on My Room Aboard Blogs.


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