Wondering how you are going to find your next tenant?

You have a longer lease than your stay and in a few months you will have to put your room back for rent… If you have no idea how to do so, this article is for you! Here are four efficient ways to find your next tenant.

Look through your own network

The easiest to re-rent your room abroad is to look for students in your own network. Do you know anyone back from your home school who will come to Taipei for the next semester? If that is the case hurry up and ask him/her to take back your lease, explaining the win-win situation.

Unfortunately, not everybody knows someone willing to take over his lease. So for all the other ones do not stress yet, we have other solutions.

Social media

Facebook, this marvelous 21st century invention, connects you with all sorts of people. One months before leaving Taiwan you should start posting your room on several targeted Facebook groups (here are a few examples: “Rental Apartment in Taiwan”, “Taipei Taiwan Apartment Rental”, “Looking for roommates’ apartment in Taipei and Taiwan”, or any exchange student group for the next semester, etc…)

On the My Room Abroad’s blog the article “4 easy steps to post your room on Facebook” gives you a template of a rental post as well as an explanation on how to post in several groups simultaneously.

So go ahead it’s a nice excuse to finally clean your room. Take nice pictures. Write a description highlighting all its features and the monthly rent (or if you are really lazy, use the post from the one you rented the apartment from) adding the remaining lease period. Then post!

Usually you can post one per week on these groups! Knowing that students back home are stressed (remember it was you 3 months ago) they will soon start looking for a room and they will be delighted to be in contact with a previous exchange student!

Ask your Landlord for recommendations

Your landlord should be a useful source of tips. He found you in the first place, so he can advise you on which platform to use to market the room. You can even ask him for to put it back on available on which ever rental website he used previously.

The My Room Abroad network

Another easy solution is to call for help from My Room Abroad. As soon as you know your exact departure date, just send them an email at hello@myroomabroad.com and they will post your room for free on their platform. Include pictures of your room and common areas, a description of the room, rent amount and your exact departure date as well as the remaining lease period in your mail. Do not forget to add your landlord/ flat manager contact details so MRA can take care of everything for you.

Other useful comments

  • Start really thinking of putting your room back on the market at least one month before your departure date.
  • Do not stress too much, there is more demand than offer for rooms in Taiwan, you will surely find the next tenant quite soon.
  • Don’t worry you will get your deposit back since a new contract for the rest of the lease period is made with the new tenant.


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