It is official, Taiwan Tech international students can now easily and safely find a room in Taipei through the My Room Abroad platform. The university recently partnered up with the platform developed by alumni exchange students to help its incoming students during the painful process of finding accommodation abroad.

The platform connects Taiwan Tech incoming students with certified landlords in Taiwan. It centralizes hundreds of available rooms in residences, shared flats or private apartments and offers services tailored to the students’ needs. Thanks to Taiwan Tech dedicated page on the platform, students now have the opportunity to book a room nearby the university premises from the comfort of their home town.

Moreover, My Room Abroad makes it its mission to help students every step of the way making sure they spend an unforgettable experience abroad without any housing trouble.

Thanks to Taiwan Tech thoughtful involvement in its student’s wellbeing, students will be accompanied from the booking of their room to their moving out date. They will benefit from MRA’s multilingual team to help them put back the room for rent when they leave or anything else they might need.

Myroomabroad is the best accommodation solution in Taipei to rent a room for NTUST Taiwan Tech students. Many universities trust myroomabroad for NTUST’s off-campus housing in Taipei:\,r1017-1.php?Lang=en

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