What is My Room Abroad?

A platform that connects international students with certified landlords in dream destinations.

A dream destination is defined as an exotic destination for Westerners, where they want to go back once they left. Asia Pacific and South America hold most of the dream destinations.

This platform makes the painful process of finding and booking a room abroad safe and easy for international students. It simplifies the search for accommodation abroad and allows up front booking of rooms for a 3 to 12 months period.

Check out My Room Abroad: myroomabroad.com


How does My Room Abroad work?

Step 1: Students go on myroomabroad.com and can efficiently search for their room.

  • All rooms are described in a structured way. It makes it easy to compare them based on location, price, features, etc.
  • There are mandatory pictures (including a 360° picture and a video of each room) that represent reality.
  • All rooms are visited by a MRA representative who certifies that the description and pictures are accurate.
  • Furthermore, landlords are screened, and their rooms will only be listed on My Room Abroad once they are marked as trustworthy landlords.
    • They are required to have basic knowledge of English to be able to communicate with students if needed. This insures that students won’t get scammed and will get help when needed.
  • In addition, rooms and landlords are rated through a system implementing students feedback. Moreover, whenever a student inserts a formal complaint which is deemed valid by one of My Room Abroad’s team members, the landlord will be banned from the platform and the student will be helped within a day to find a new room.


Step 2: Once the student finds a room he likes, he can request it.

He will then be in contact with an MRA representative for any additional information.

Step 3: The MRA representative contacts the landlord who gives his confirmation within 24 hours

Step 4: The lease contract, in English, is signed between the tenant and the landlords.


At this point both parties have each other information and can enter in contact. This part varies from a landlord to another. The arrival details are discussed between them.


Step 5: The tenant can proceed to the deposit, first month rent and service fee payment through the platform. Students or their parents can securely make payments to a European company through certified tools in their own currency.


Step 6: My Room Abroad transfer the deposit and rent to the Landlord in his currency.


During the lease period, students pay the monthly rent directly to the landlord.

At the end of the contract, the deposit is paid back to the student by the landlord.

More info about our booking process

What if the lease period is longer than the student stay?

Some students only stay for a semester while most lease contract have a one-year length. My room Abroad helps students who have to break their contract, find the next tenant by posting their room back online.


However, if the student does not want to take the risk of having the pay the rent after his departure, My Room Abroad can provide an insurance to him. In exchange for the payment of one-month rent, My Room Abroad takes over the lease contract and promise to pay the remaining rent if no new tenant is found.


In case of problem

The student the student can contact My Room Abroad to help resolve the problem as an impartial intermediary. We specify this during our emailing with the students.

If no settlement is possible and legal action is needed, this will be between the student and the landlord. My Room Abroad is the platform connecting landlords and students. The team will help them the best they can. However, in case of legal dispute, they will not intervene. This nevertheless happens rarely as My Room Abroad only work with trustworthy landlords.


What is in it for the student?

For students the platform is a safe and easy way to get in contact with certified landlords. They get fast answers to their question and can book their room abroad from their home country in only a few days. They sign an English contract and their parents can make online rent payments for them which leaves them a bigger budget for other fun activities. Furthermore, parents are less worried knowing that their child has a place to sleep when he arrives alone in this faraway country.

Learn how My Room Abroad screens its landlords

What is in it for the landlord?

On the backend, the platform is an easy-to-use tool for landlords. My Room Abroad allows them to increase their visibility to European tenants. It takes care of the communication by automatizing the painful task of answering all frequently asked questions. The contracts are also send through My Room Abroad which offers the landlords a clear database of all their tenants. It reduces the stress caused by rent payments since everything is paid through the platform. Visits become unnecessary which gives more time to landlords to take care of their tenants and the maintenance of their apartments which in turn results in a far better service and an improvement of the market.


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