Upload listing on My Room Abroad, made easy!
How to upload studio in 2 mins? Let me teach you step by step : >


01 How to upload studio?

Step 1:Log in on the platform + NEW LISTING

On the upper right corner, there is a +NEW LISTING button!

Step 2:Choose the type of listing to upload–>Studio

There is description above each listing, choose the correct type for the listing,
make tenant find the listing more accurately!

Step 3: Information – Get an attractive title for your studio

* Listing title will appear on your studio, keep it short and attractive.
Studio name is for your personal reference to identify the listing. E.g. NTNU A

Tip* An attractive title can help your studio be more popular! Introduce the tenants about the location and the characteristics of the studio!

Step 4:Enter the studio address

Enter your studio address, as well as the floor of the studio. Make sure your listing displayed on the map, so that the tenant can see at a glance!

Tip* Make sure the landmark has appeared on the map!
The floor of the studio does not need to be placed in the address, otherwise it may not show up!

Step 5: Features – Furniture & Equipment

Just need a simple click to complete the features! Introduce the tenants about the equipment in the studio!

Tip* Make sure you click the "Save" button to continue the procedure.

Step 6:Contract & Billing

Make the rule clear before the tenants choose your listing! Enter the minimum rental period, utilities and other fees.

Tip* Rents and deposits can be adjusted according to the length of the rental period. The more option you have, the better!

Step 7:Previous Tenant

Step 8:Photos

Show tenants what this studio looks like.
Adding a video to your studio is super important!
Make sure the photos you upload are clear!

Tips* Remember to click confirm photos button when you choose the photos from your date and click finish and post button after you finish!

Step 9:Manage listing

You can easily manage your listing in My listing

TIp* When you see the PREVIEW button, which means your studio upload successfully. You can also edit your studio easily, just click the EDIT button.

Your studio is ready to go

Make sure to update the date of the listings when it rent out!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!
My Room Abroad fb page:https://www.facebook.com/MyRoomAbroad/

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