In need of a haircut and willing to share one of your stories? Megan’s free haircut might be just what you need!

Every Wednesday from 12 to 8pm at Flip Flop Hostel, Megan cuts your hair for free if you tell her a cool story!

Megan is an experienced Taiwanese hairdresser who has lived abroad (UK, US, China) for more than half of her life. She is open minded and eager to learn from like minded travelers. And as she is really creative, she came up with the #a story for a free haircut# project. She understand how traveling may shape people’s views and opinions and is really interested in hearing your stories!

The haircut takes about 1h to 1h30 in total (story sharing time + hair cutting time) so the amount of haircuts given per Wednesday is limited.  

If you are interested in getting a haircut in exchange for one of your stories, please register through this form.


Who? Megan

Where? Flip Flop Hostel – Garden

No. 122, Changan West Road, Datong District, Taipei

When? Every Wednesday from 12:00 to 20:00

Note that pictures and videos will be taken during the event and will be uploaded on the Flip Flop Official website and Facebook Page. But will not be used for profit purposes

For more information, check Megan’s Instagram : Meganlifestylist.

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