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Try to stay at least until the end of January. Most of the contracts in Taipei are 1 year sublease contracts or 5 months contracts (Sept-Jan) if you are lucky. A 1 year sublease contract means that you have to find the next tenant if you stay less than one year in the room (which is similar in many countries in Europe). This is the most common type of contract in Taipei.

Is it easy to find the next tenant? Students have taken these contracts for years. Every year Taiwan attracts over 100,000 international students. A big part of them start their term after Chinese New Year (around the end of February). They thus arrive spread over the entire month of February. Most of them accept to take over the contracts on February 1st. Therefore, staying until the end of January helps you to get the most out of your rent.

5 Months contracts start to appear in Taipei. For the Fall term, they start in September and end by the end of January. You don’t have to find the next tenant. However, because they are already much more favourable for the students, the landlords are not flexible on the start and end dates. You won’t be able to bargain a departure in mid-January for example.

In both cases, extending your stay in Taipei after the classes until the end of January is a wise decision that we recommend and that is typical here. Are you still looking for a room? Browse through more than 1500 student rooms in Taipei on My Room Abroad.


I hope that you are fully enjoying your time in Taipei and that these articles help to make your stay unforgettable. If you have friends who are coming to Taipei soon, help them by having a look on our website myroomabroad to help them to find their new home in Taipei. If you want to join us on a trip, have a look at our events page , we're often 50% cheaper than most travel agents in Taiwan :)

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