Pingxi district is one of our favorite places in Taiwan. It has plenty of wonderful waterfalls you can swim in and it’s super easy to get there!

How to get in the Pingxi district?

From Taipei, take the MRT to Muzha MRT Station (brown line) and then the bus 795 towards Shifen.

You can also take the train to get there but we feel the bus is way easier to stop at all the waterfalls.

Don’t trust the time shown on Google. It only takes about 25 min (not 1h30 like google says) to get to the wormhole and about 45 to get to Lingjiao.

Itinerary of the day

Wormhole -> Lingjiao Waterfall -> Wanggu Waterfall-> Shifen Falls 

Taipei – Wormhole

For a one day trip from Taipei, we would suggest you leave quite early to get the most out of the day! Don’t forget to pack some snacks, lunch and water, for the day. Also take your swimming suit, towel, sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

We suggest you leave Muzha around 7:30- 8am.

Take the bus 795  towards Shifen and stop at Fengqiaotou bus stop to get to the Wormhole.You can read this article to know exactly how to reach the Wormhole.

Enjoy the Wormhole canyon, explore the river a little bit further, jump from rock inside the wormhole canyon, eat your breakfast and chill 🙂

We suggest you start moving towards Lingjiao Waterfall at about 10:30 am

Wormhole – Lingjiao Waterfall

Go back to the big road and take the 795 bus. Stop at Tianzi (Lingjiao Station) then walk to the Lingjiao waterfall. It is a 10 to 15 min walk from the bus stop. Read this article to know exactly how to get to the waterfall.

If you need to pass by a 7-11 to get some snacks or drinks,  get out of the bus at the previous stop (Pingxi Station) and then walk the way to the waterfall, its like 15 to 20 min from there. Note that the 7-11 at Pingxi is the last convenience store on the road.

Large Waterfall in pingxi District

Lingjiao is an awesome waterfall. It is big (+10 meter high), you can swim in the water and jump from the waterfall. Don’t forget to first get into the water and check that nothing has fallen at the bottom of the waterfall! This is a cool and sunny spot where you can hang out and have lunch. 

We suggest to leave the waterfall at about 2 pm to be able to finish the day itinerary.

Lingjiao – Wanggu

To get from Lingjiao to Wanggu Waterfall you don’t have to take the bus again, there is actually a trail, the Lingjiaoliao Trail. The trail takes about 30 min from one waterfall to the other.

The trailhead is there: 嶺腳寮登山步道 ,  號, No. 27台車道 Pingxi District, New Taipei City, 226satelite maps how to get to wanggu by the trail from Lingjiao

To get to the trail head:

  • Go back to the train station right after the bridge when you took right to reach Lingjiao, now go left
  • Pass the railways then take the first small street to the right.
  • Pass two small streets on your right
  • After the second small street, pass 2 houses and the trailhead will be between the second and the third house. You will feel like you are entering the garden of the third house and the trail is not really well indicated but just keep going.

If you want to take the bus, you can read this article to know exactly how to get to the waterfall from the bus station.

At Wanggu you can enjoy the waterfall and swim as well. On the trail, there are actually several other waterfalls, you can go see and possible swim in as well.

We suggest you leave Wanggu at 4:30 pm at the latest to have time to reach Shifen before the park closes.

Wanggu – Shifen waterfall

Take the 795 bus to Shifen to see this big waterfall! You can read this article to know how to get to the falls.

You cannot swim there but the waterfall is impressive and if you are in the neighborhood we think it is a nice spot to see.

Shifen falls Top view

The park closes at 6pm and the lastest park entry time is at 5:30pm. I recommend leaving Wanggu at 4:30pm at the latest. It takes about 30 min to get to Shifen from Qinahan bus stop, the bus stop closest from Wanggu. However, depending on the traffic, the time to Shifen can be longer.

Pingxi Old Street

After you left Shifen, you can take the 795 back towards Taipei. To finish the day perfectly, we suggest you make a last stop at Pingxi. Walk in the Pingxi Old Street, have something to eat and to complete the experience of Pingxi, release a sky lantern.

Let us know how your day went 🙂 Or if you found some other waterfalls in the area:)

PS: If you would like us to organise everything for you, PM our Facebook page: My Room Abroad: Make your stay abroad unforgettable


We hope that you are fully enjoying your time in Taipei and that these articles help to make your stay unforgettable. If you have friends who are coming to Taipei soon, help them to find a cool apartment by having a look on our website .


I hope that you are fully enjoying your time in Taipei and that these articles help to make your stay unforgettable. If you have friends who are coming to Taipei soon, help them by having a look on our website myroomabroad to help them to find their new home in Taipei. If you want to join us on a trip, have a look at our events page , we're often 50% cheaper than most travel agents in Taiwan :)

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