1. The island

Taiwan east coast

There is no place quite like it on the planet! Taiwan was called Ilha Formosa by the Portuguese sailors when they first discovered this uncharted island. It means the Beautiful Island and that is the best name they could have come up with! Taiwan has everything! You have wonderful beaches in the south, amazing nature (from high mountains to paradise like waterfalls)  and the big asian city (Taipei, the capital in the north) with wonderful food, cultural sites, temples and of course an exciting and dynamic nightlife!

2. The Food

Bowl of rice and other dishe

Taiwan is considered as Asia food capital. The interesting thing about it is that they don’t have one main dish that is THE Taiwanese meal, they have so many different specialties! From the famous fried chicken to the beef noodles, or their stinky tofu, oyster omelet, fish balls, pepper buns, soup dumplings, bubble tea, shaved ice… (I will stop now cause this will get too long!).

3. The people

People pausing for the picture

Taiwanese are the most friendly and welcoming people on the planet! They are always willing to help, intrigued and genuinely interested in discovering  your culture and eager to share theirs.

4. The nature


Guy on top of a rock observing the green nature in front

From anywhere in Taipei city you can get to the amazing nature within 30 minutes! So many hidden waterfalls, wild hot springs, forests/ jungles, East coast offering breathtaking views on the ocean, high mountains… The nature is so diversified and that is the beauty of it!

5. It is a taste of Asia.

lanterns in the night sky

It is the best country for a first step in Asia as you have the authentic asian culture and cuisine. But it is not too much of a choc for westerners because the Taiwanese are open minded, you can get western standard service and most people speak English.

6. Easy to get around the island


Taiwan has a developed public transportation system that makes it super easy to travel around the island and within the different cities! From the MRT that’ll get you pretty much anywhere in Taipei to the HSR that will get you to the other side of the Island under a few hours. Taiwan has so many wonderful places to are easily accessible!

7. It is Asia best kept secret!!!

Women sitting in front of a waterfall

There are almost no western tourists in Taiwan! You can get to an awesome waterfall and get this feeling of relaxation because you won’t be packed in this place with the hundreds of tourists you have in other Asian countries.

8. Safest place on earth!

Taipei City by night fall

Taiwan is one of the safest places I know. There are some crimes like in any other countries, but I feel safe walking in the streets alone at night, I have experienced no thefts since I have been here, and I have been tempting the thieves quite a few times (forgetting my keys on the contact of my scooter and leaving it there for a few hours only to come back to it where someone had hidden my keys in the front part so that people would not steal it). This is one of the many examples I have about how safe I feel in Taiwan!

9. The location

plane in the air

Located at the heart of Asia, it is a great place to go visit other Asian Countries. You just take a plane for a few hours and you are in the Philippines or in Japan!


I hope that you are fully enjoying your time in Taipei and that these articles help to make your stay unforgettable. If you have friends who are coming to Taipei soon, help them by having a look on our website myroomabroad to help them to find their new home in Taipei. If you want to join us on a trip, have a look at our events page , we're often 50% cheaper than most travel agents in Taiwan :)

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