In our previous article, we guide you on how to choose your room in Taipei. Now we give you an overview of the best areas for exchange students.

The main criteria are to make a good area are price, distance/transport and animation .

Areas around NTU

Name : Shida, Da’an

MRT stations: Gutting, Taipower Building, Gongguan, Da’an Park

Distance: very close to NTU, NTUST, NTNU, NTUE, NTUB. And direct connections to NCCU.


TWD 7.000-10.000: for single bedroom with one common bathroom in a shared apartment without kitchen.

TWD 10.000-15.000: for single room in an apartment with 2 to 4 rooms, a common western-style bathroom, a well equiped kitchen and a common living area.

TWD 16.000: Huge bedroom, often double bed, with private bathroom

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Description: In these international areas the prices are slightly higher than in other areas. However, you get what you pay for: you are in dynamic international areas, very close to many universities and language centers, with foreigner-friendly apartments: landlords expect more international renters and have more experience with foreigners. These are definitely the best areas for exchange students who want a dynamic exchange semester in Taipei.


Name: Wenshan

MRT/transport stations: Taipei Zoo


4000-6000 NTD/month: Shared Flat: in this arrangement, you pay the price for a room, and you share the facilities (kitchen, living room, washing machine) usually with other students.

7000-10000 NTD/month : Single room: you have your own bathroom, closet, desk and sometimes fridge, and you share washing machine and water fountain with persons renting other rooms in the same floor

18000-22000 NTD/month (whole apartment): Apartment: this arrangement you have usually 2 to 3 bedrooms, private kitchen, and living room, etc. You can choose the people who you want to share the apartment.

Description: Prices are lower than in the NTU area. However, most NCCU students describe these areas as being “very boring” and prefer to book a room in the dynamic and international areas around NTU. Frequent direct busses from Guting, Taipower Building and Gongguan MRT stations make commuting very easy. Google Maps estimates that the commuting time is about 40 minutes.

New Taipei City

Name: Zhonghe

MRT stations: Orange Line


Description: This is a great and cheap alternative for students who are studying around NTU. The prices are much lower than in the international areas like Shida and Da’an. And you can find great cheap rooms just 3 MRT stops from NTU. However, it are often quiet areas with many Taiwanese residents, who expect you to be calm and respectful of course. These areas are also in the opposit direction of all the nightlife activities around Taipei 101. In short: it’s a great area if you want a cheap and calm stay but less convenient for partying and nightlife.


Name: Tamsui

MRT stations: Tamsui

Prices: /

Description: Don’t get fooled, New Taipei City is huge. Tamsui is part of it and it is located next to the harbour. However, it is very far away from most universities. You can find great and cheap rooms in this area and the beach is easily reachable by car. It is however less convenient for students who have to go to their university every day.

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